Meet the PoshBee team: new ‘insider’ section available on the project website

At PoshBee, we know that many hands make light work - our project is composed of 43 partner organisations from 14 countries. This diversity contributes to a particular research environment, where each member adds value to the project with their own specific and unique background, capacity and knowledge. In order to highlight the invaluable work done by the different organisations and researchers in PoshBee, we launched a new webpage on our website dedicated specifically to our "Insiders".

In order to allow users to search for members according to their area of interest, for example, measuring chemical exposure or studying the effects of agrochemical-pathogen interactions, the Insider webpage has been structured per work packages. Thus, the webpage is divided into 12 work packages: 

  • WP1: A site network for assessing exposure of bees to chemical, nutritional, and pathogen stressors

  • WP2: Measuring chemical exposure, pathogens, and poor nutrition in honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees

  • WP3: Toxicokinetics, toxicodynamics and interactions among agrochemicals

  • WP4: Development of novel wild bee species for risk assessment

  • WP5: Effects of agrochemical-nutrition interactions on bee health in the laboratory

  • WP6: Effects of agrochemical-pathogen interactions on bee health in the laboratory

  • WP7: Effects of chemicals and their interactions with other stressors on bees tested in semi-field and field experiments

  • WP8: Systems and agent-based modelling approaches to assess the synergistic effects of multiple stressors on bee health

  • WP9: OMICS of agrochemical responses in bees

  • WP10: Knowledge Exchange and Impact Strategy

  • WP11: Dissemination, Communication and Knowledge Transfer

  • WP12: Project Management and Scientific Coordination

If you are interested to know more about the members, which contribute to each work package and to PoshBee as a whole, head toward our new Insider webpage.