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pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of stressors on the health of bees

Bees – honey bees, bumble bees, and solitary bees – pollinate crops and wildflowers and are essential for both human and planetary well-being. However, all around the globe, bees face many threats and are often in decline. While studies suggest that agrochemicals have a negative impact on bee health, their importance and relevance in the real world remains unclear. PoshBee aims to support healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping and pollination across Europe.

Latest from the project

Honeybee brood development cycle

This feature was provided by Matthew J Allan, ATPOLL: Atlantic Pollination Ltd. This sequence of photos from the PoshBee semi-field studies team shows the development of one... read more

PoshBee at SETAC Europe 2020

PoshBee's partner Jane Stout, Trinity College Dublin, co-chaired a session at this year's SETAC Europe meeting that took place online from 3 to 7 May 2020. ... read more