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pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of stressors on the health of bees

Here, you will find all public PoshBee deliverables as well as all scientific publications resulting from or relevant to the project.
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Pollen nutrition fosters honeybee tolerance to pesticides

Authors: Barascou, L., et al.
Year: 2021
Journal: Royal Society Open Science
Volume/Issue: 8 (9)
Publisher/Place: Royal Society
Pages: 210818

PoshBee: Ett nytt europeiskt forskningsprojekt om bin, bihälsa och växtskyddsmedel

Authors: de Miranda, J.R., Rundlöf, M., Ulvtorp, J., Ivarsson, K., & Forsgren, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: Gadden
Volume/Issue: 2019.2
Publisher/Place: Biodlingsföretagarna
Pages: 15-17

PoshBee: Nytt EU-projekt om bin

Authors: de Miranda, J.R., Rundlöf, M., Ulvtorp, J., Ivarsson, K., & Forsgren, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: Bitidningen
Volume/Issue: 2019.3
Publisher/Place: Sveriges Biodlares Riksförbund
Pages: 4-5

PoshBee: Pan-European Assessment, Monitoring, and Mitigation of Stressors on the Health of Bees

Authors: Brown, M., Breeze, T., Bulet, P., et al.
Year: 2021
Journal: ARPHA Preprints
Publisher/Place: Pensoft Publishers

Real-time monitoring of honeybee colony daily activity and bee loss rates can highlight the risk posed by a pesticide

Authors: Barascou, L., Godeau, U., Pioz, M., Martin, O., Sené, D., Crauser, D., Le Conte, Y., & Alaux, C.
Year: 2023
Journal: Science of The Total Environment
Volume/Issue: 886
Pages: 163928

Responses in honeybee and bumblebee activity to changes in weather conditions

Authors: Karbassioon, A., Yearlsey, J., Dirilgen, T. et al.
Year: 2023
Journal: Oecologia
Volume/Issue: 582

Roundup Causes High Levels of Contact Mortality in Bumblebees

Authors: Straw, E.A., Carpentier, E.N., & Brown, M.J.F.
Year: 2021
Journal: Journal of Applied Ecology
Volume/Issue: 58 (6)
Publisher/Place: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
Pages: 1167-1176

Specific detection and quantification of three microsporidia infecting bees, Nosema apis, Nosema ceranae, and Nosema bombi, using probe-based real-time PCR

Authors: Babin, A., Schurr, F., Rivière, M-P., Chauzat, M-P., & Dubois, E.
Year: 2022
Journal: European Journal of Protistology
Volume/Issue: 86
Pages: 125935

Stakeholder summary: A new frontier for visualising the impact of stressors in honey bees: proteins in pictures

Authors: Houdelet, C., Arafah, K., Bocquet, M., & Bulet, P.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary: An integrated system for field studies on honey bees

Authors: Allan, M.J., & Dean, R.R.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary: Bee Tracker – an open-source machine-learning based video analysis software for the assessment of nesting and foraging performance of cavity-nesting solitary bees

Authors: Knauer, A., Gallmann, J., & Albrecht M.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (DE): Auf die Ernährung kommt es an: Die Wirkung eines verbreiteten Fungizids auf Hummeln unterscheiden sich je nach Pflanze, auf der dieses angewandt wird

Authors: Wintermantel, D., Osterman, J., & Klein, A-M.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (DE): Bee Tracker – Eine open-source machine-learning Software zur Analyse des Flug- und Nistverhaltens von in Hohlräumen nistenden Solitärbienen

Authors: Knauer, A., Gallmann, J., & Albrecht M.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary: Delayed effects of a single dose of a neurotoxic pesticide (sulfoxaflor) on honeybee foraging activity

Authors: Barascou, L.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (DE): Wie beeinflusst die Beizung von Rapssamen mit einem Insektizid Honigbienen- und Hummelvölker und deren Krankheitserreger und nützliche Bakterien?

Authors: Osterman, J., Wintermantel, D., Rundlöf, M. & de Miranda, J.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (EN): An individual "blood test" to monitor the impact of stressors on bee health

Authors: Bulet, P. et al.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (EN): Assessing the effects of agricultural landscape and environment on bee size, shape and asymmetry

Authors: Gérard, M., Baird, E., Breeze, T., Dominik, C. & Michez, D.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (EN): Building indices in the age of big data - Application to honey bee exposure to parasites and pathogens

Authors: Huyen Ton Nu Nguyet, M., Bougeard, S., Babin, A., Dubois, E., Druesne, C., Rivière, M.P., Laurent, M., & Chauzat, M.P.
Year: 2023

Stakeholder summary (EN): Deformed wing virus (DWV) makes it hard to predict the impact of stress on honey bees

Authors: Breda, D., Frizzera, D., Giordano, G. et al.
Year: 2022

Stakeholder summary (EN): Diet matters: The effect of a common fungicide on bumblebees depends on floral resources

Authors: Wintermantel, D., Osterman, J., & Klein, A-M.
Year: 2022