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pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of stressors on the health of bees

Here, you will find all public PoshBee deliverables as well as all scientific publications resulting from or relevant to the project.
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D11.8 Special issue in open-access journal

Authors: Yovcheva, N. & Metodiev, T.
Year: 2023
duedate: 60
Deliverable number: D11.8

D11.6 Reports on dissemination activities II

Authors: Yovcheva, N., Metodiev, T. & Grudova, M.
Year: 2023
duedate: 60
Deliverable number: D11.6

D9.15 Report on comparative studies and use of BeeTyping® in a sanitary plan

Authors: Bulet, P., Bocquet, M., Askri, D., & Arafah, K.
Year: 2023
duedate: 60
Deliverable number: D9.15

D9.13 Manuscripts on omics research for model bee III

Authors: Askri, D., Arafah, K., & Bulet, P.
Year: 2023
duedate: 60
Deliverable number: D9.13

D9.10 Consolidated peptide/protein databases including markers for application III

Authors: Askri, D., Arafah, K., & Bulet, P.
Year: 2023
duedate: 60
Deliverable number: D9.10

Pesticide risk assessment: honeybee workers are not all equal regarding the risk posed by exposure to pesticides

Authors: Barascou, L., Sene, D., Le Conte, Y., & Alaux, C.
Year: 2022
Journal: Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Volume/Issue: 29 (60)
Pages: 90328 - 90337

Real-time monitoring of honeybee colony daily activity and bee loss rates can highlight the risk posed by a pesticide

Authors: Barascou, L., Godeau, U., Pioz, M., Martin, O., Sené, D., Crauser, D., Le Conte, Y., & Alaux, C.
Year: 2023
Journal: Science of The Total Environment
Volume/Issue: 886
Pages: 163928

Pesticides sulfoxaflor and azoxystrobin effects on bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) metabolism

Authors: Jürison, М., Pent, K., Karise, R., & Mänd, M.
Year: 2022
Pages: 124-130

Ecological traits interact with landscape context to determine bees’ pesticide risk

Authors: Knapp, J.L., Nicholson, C.C., Jonsson, O. et al.
Year: 2023
Journal: Nature Ecology & Evolution
Volume/Issue: 7
Pages: 547–556

Intra-specific variation in sensitivity of Bombus terrestris and Osmia bicornis to three pesticides

Authors: Linguadoca, A., Jürison, M., Hellström, S. et al.
Year: 2022
Journal: Scientifc Reports
Volume/Issue: 12
Pages: 17311

No effect of dual exposure to sulfoxaflor and a trypanosome parasite on bumblebee olfactory learning

Authors: Vaughan, O.P., Straw, E.A., Linguadoca, A. et al.
Year: 2022
Journal: Scientific Reports
Volume/Issue: 12
Pages: 8611

Impact of landscape configuration and composition on pollinator communities across different European biogeographic regions

Authors: Bottero, I., Dominik, C., Schweiger, O., Albrecht, M., Attridge, E., et al.
Year: 2023
Journal: Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Volume/Issue: 11
Pages: 1128228

Building composite indices in the age of big data – Application to honey bee exposure to infectious and parasitic agents

Authors: Huyen Ton Nu Nguyet, M., Bougeard, S., Babin, A., Dubois, E., Druesne, C., Riviere, M.P., Laurent, M., & Chauzat, M.P.
Year: 2023
Journal: Heliyon
Volume/Issue: 9
Pages: E15244

Parasite and Pesticide Impacts on the Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) Haemolymph Proteome

Authors: Askri, D., Straw, E.A., Arafah, K., Voisin, S.N., Bocquet, M., Brown, M.J.F., & Bulet, P.
Year: 2023
Journal: Int. J. Mol. Sci.
Volume/Issue: 24
Pages: 5384

Unraveling the Bombus terrestris Hemolymph, an Indicator of the Immune Response to Microbial Infections, through Complementary Mass Spectrometry Approaches

Authors: Bournonville, L., Askri, D., Arafah, K., Voisin, S.N., Bocquet, M., & Bulet, P.
Year: 2023
Journal: J. Mol. Sci.
Volume/Issue: 24
Pages: 4658

Beyond generalists: The Brassicaceae pollen specialist Osmia brevicornis as a prospective model organism when exploring pesticide risk to bees

Authors: Hellström, S., Strobl, V., Straub, L., Osterman, W.H.A., Paxton, R.J., & Osterman, J.
Year: 2023
Journal: Environmental and Sustainability Indicators
Volume/Issue: 18
Pages: 100239

Responses in honeybee and bumblebee activity to changes in weather conditions

Authors: Karbassioon, A., Yearlsey, J., Dirilgen, T. et al.
Year: 2023
Journal: Oecologia
Volume/Issue: 582

The Lifecycle of the Varroa Mite

Authors: Attridge, E.
Year: 2023
Journal: BBKA News Incorporating
Volume/Issue: February 2023
Pages: 63-64

D10.7 Report on PoshBee external protocols, tools, best practice guides

Authors: Brown, M.J.F., Albrecht, M., Allan, M., Bulet, P., Chauzat, M.-P. et al.
Year: 2023
duedate: 56
Deliverable number: D10.7

Stakeholder summary (EN): Deformed wing virus (DWV) makes it hard to predict the impact of stress on honey bees

Authors: Breda, D., Frizzera, D., Giordano, G. et al.
Year: 2022