PoshBee PhD student Sara Hellström presented her work in a Youtube series

PoshBee PhD student Sara Hellström of the University of Halle participated in two special Youtube videos that are part of an early-career researcher Youtube channel. The videos created by youtuber Palak Lakhani focus on the life of the research that Sara performs within the project and Sara's early-career researcher story as a PoshBee PhD student.

The first video focuses on Sara's application and admission as a PhD student in PoshBee. She shared with the audience what her prior experience to becoming a part of PoshBee was, as well as what are the areas of research she is interested into. She shared with the audience what her current research tasks are and provided an overview of the PoshBee project.

The second video is a demonstration of a wild bee nursing technique that Sara applies in order to raise her wild bee samples. Sara demonstrates the special soil nesting units she creates for wild bees to settle, and she finds and demonstrates the retrieval of a fully developed wild bee specimen.

Check out the videos of Sara and other early-career researcher and prospective student videos by youtuber Palak Lakhani here and here.