PoshBee project receives funding

PoshBee has been officially approved to receive funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773921. The project will officially start in June 2018 and will run for 5 years.

Standing for "Pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of stressors on the health of bees", PoshBee aims to support healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping and pollination across Europe. Integrating the knowledge and experience of academics, beekeepers and farmers, PoshBee will:

  1. provide the first pan-European quantification of the exposure hazard of chemicals to managed and wild bees;

  2. determine how chemicals alone, in mixtures, and in combination with pathogens and nutrition, affect bee health, and;

  3. meet the need for monitoring tools, novel screening protocols, and practice- and policy-relevant research outputs to local, national, European, and global stakeholders.